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Dodged Bullet or Missed Opportunity? A History of Planned Monorails for Manila, 1961–1985

This article tells the largely untold history of the unrealized plans to construct a monorail mass transit system in Metropolitan Manila from the 1960s to 1980s, with particular focus on the proposals of a firm called Philippine Monorail Transit Systems, Inc. Besides giving attention to these mostly forgotten plans, this article seeks to contribute to the global history of mass transit technology adoption, showing how hitherto unexplored political dynamics (especially during the particularly volatile Ferdinand Marcos regime) interact with “unbiased” technical feasibility assessments, with the latter becoming moot and academic in light of the primarily financial and political concerns of ultimate decision makers.

Research Notes


Special Supplement, “The Mass Transit System in Metro Manila: From Tranvia to MRT, 1879-2014″

The research notes are part of a special supplement section of Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies. They show the preliminary work done by the four projects under the Emerging Inter-Disciplinary Research “The Mass Transit System in Metro Manila: From Tranvia to MRT, 1879-2014.” The research notes are open access, which means they can be read online and downloaded for free. We request that proper citation be made.


Ricardo T. Jose   
Keith Gerard Daguio, Marco Stefan Lagman
Johnson Damian
Jose Regin F. Regidor, Dominic S. Aloc
Emerald O. Flaviano