The oral history project  was an opportunity to allow the pioneering planners and engineers, technocrats and bureaucrats to  share their visions and experiences, to narrate these in their own words and to assess in their own terms the legacy that they are leaving  behind on the mass transit system in (Metro) Manila. There hardly are scholarly, much more popular literature, on these subjects. This state of scholarship has resulted in a handful  of so-called experts in urban planning, who by virtue of their advanced age, have arrogated unto themselves all the supposed wisdom of how the current mass transit system in Metro Manila came to be. The voices of the people who  have really devoted a significant portion of their talent and lives dealing with the mass transit issues in Metro Manila must be given a platform of their own. The oral history project thus  offers to the public voices and faces of people who, most of whom, have worked only in the background, away  from the political limelight, yet were instrumental in crafting the plans that led to the current mass transit system in Metro Manila.


Dr. Primitivo Cal


Mr. Rodolfo Cuenca


Engr. Teodoro T. Encarnacion


Dr. Fiorello R. Estuar


Dr. Cielito F. Habito


Engr. Shizuo Iwata


Engr. Rene Santiago


Engr. Cesar Valbuena


Dr. Nathaniel von Einsiedel